Certain I was going to learn everything I could about Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and other's that historically shaped the interiors and architecture world, I remember my excitement entering college.  Unaware of it at the time, my view would take an unexpected and glorious turn the moment I entered the working world of interiors.  I was mesmerized with everyone and everything.  But who were these people?  I quickly learned that there was an entire world beyond the iconic people I wanted to emulate from college.  And to think that I would actually meet some of these people.... some of the contemporary legends of the interiors world, let alone work with them.  It was unimaginable.  These people not only helped changed my vision, but have drawn a beautifully blurred line between interiors, architecture and the fashion world.  I am completely in awe how one has become so important to the other.  The fluidity of one to the other is like no other time we have known.  

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